Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, EGi has a sound that is very difficult to describe. That sound has grown and progressed throughout the years, coinciding with the musicians themselves. This group has pushed the boundaries of classification by focusing on eloquent songwriting alongside intense instrumental compositions while leaving space for epic improvisational journeys.

A staple of EGi has always been the dual lead guitar sound (James Hernandez & Noe Perez), complimenting each other through an understood recognition of space and harmony. The rhythm section (Drew Littell on drums) provides a driving backbone while keeping the pocket deep and funky throughout each song, stepping up to shine when the moment calls for it. EGi’s fanbase has grown to encompass the Midwest region as a whole and have developed a solid following in Colorado. They have also begun to open up parts of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast, winning over crowds everywhere they go.

EGi pulls inspiration from many different sources including Jack Kerouac, Oysterhead, The Simpsons, Outkast, Phil Jackson and the '96 Chicago Bulls, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Al Di Meola, Patton Oswalt, Led Zeppelin, Bill Burr, King Crimson, and many more.



James Hernandez - Guitar, Vocals

Noe Perez - Guitar, Vocals

 Drew Littell - Drums, Percussion, and Samples